Blank Magnetic Strips - Easily Magnetize Nearly Any Sticker

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Blank Flat Magnet
Just adhere any sticker to this blank magnetic strip and then be able to put it on your car or any magnetic surface. Comes in one size: 3.5" by 12" (fits one of most* of our full size stickers or up to three mini stickers on one). Simply adhere the sticker to the non-magnetic side and use a pair of scissors to cut away the excess material.
*Please note that until we source a larger size blank magnet, the following stickers do not fit on the blank magnets because they exceed the 3.5" size:
S41, S54, S85, S86, S100, S102, S105, S108, S112, S123, S127, S140, S142, S160, S179, S188, S189, S194, S226, S289, S294, S301, S319, S332, S339, S340, S344, S382, S397, S406, S407, S408, S418, S472, S479, S497, S503, S506, S507, SX02, SX03, SX05, SX10, SX12, SX15, SX21, all square (TS) stickers Except TS01.

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