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Dear Friends,
  We have always encouraged others to help us distribute our resources widely. We offer two volume/bulk discounted pricing levels – one on orders over $100 (wholesaler) and one on orders over $250 (distributor). Once you sign up with us as either one of those two - you will then be able to log on to our website and have these prices be shown and calculated during your online ordering. To see these two levels of pricing – just download our Wholesale/Distributor Price List in PDF or Excel format or see the pricing below. To receive these discounted pricings either:

  • ♦ Call us to help you set up a Wholesale or Distributor level account – Call us toll-free at 888-822-7075 or peaceproject on Skype
  • ♦ Send us a request for either level on the contact form below (scroll down). Once you do that we’ll send an email confirmation and call you to let you know that you are all set up to order online with discounted pricing.

  Feel free also to call for guidance on our best sellers or for recommendations on resources for your concerns.

See our pricing below or Click here to download our
volume/bulk discount pricing here in PDF or Excel format

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Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.
Please call to verify correct pricing if web price does not match this price sheet.


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